• Stef De Brabander (°1970, BE)

    from 24/02/2024 to 30/03/2024


Kairos, Greek god of time, indicates to us the importance of a different experience of time.

Whereas Chronos stands for continuity, Kairos actually means a temporary interruption of it. Here we forget about clock time. It is time that can stand still, that we can lose sight of and become totally immersed in. It is the creation of an interval from which new creative insights can emerge. We are no longer rushed by Chronos.

 If we then open up to this unexpected moment and respond alertly and appropriately to coincidences and possibilities, a dimension of time opens up that not only feels more beneficial, because fuller and spacious, but also brings new possibilities before our eyes.

We thus create a surprising opening in the established world of meanings.