Maria Vita Goral (°1991, UA)

Maria Vita Goral about her art practice:

“The creations of my practice are all born of human contact, observations, silences, listening, and secret gardens. They refer to the human being in direct and indirect ways, evoking the state of the world today, with its repetitions, its horrors, but also its splendour.

Sculpture and drawing play a major role in my work and my life. A form, a volume, the proportions, the structure, the material, the weight, the assemblage, the installation, objects that are transformed in a strict or free way in relation to architecture, geometry, space or reflections on actuality. I leave the door open to poetry, imagination and, above all, metaphor, by evoking the historical, geographical or political aspects as lucidly as possible.

The perpetual creative process of sculpture has become an almost vital necessity. It’s a kind of personal development that opens the door to different techniques, which is why I collaborate with other trades for certain projects. Sculpture and drawing lead me to question light, its rhythm and diffusion, its relationship with colours, a vision that is both global and fragmented, allowing the viewer to question the work and enter into an intimate relationship with it. These relationships between man and space, and the observation of them, have become a daily task in which the autonomy of sculpture takes different forms: it changes, reflects, imposes itself, contradicts and harmonises.

The notion of public space refers to several realities. I also feel the need to work in the urban space, which is accessible to all, and in this way to say “the Sculpture is us”. Without seeking to maintain absolute control over the work, I want my work to be transformed into emotions, journeys, thoughts, changes, doubts and echoes.”