• Mark Connolly (°1991, UK)

    from 06/06/2024 to 29/06/2024

What you do to feel better

Mark Connolly is a painter based in South East London.

Anthropomorphic, androgynous, creatures exist alongside representations of fictive and non-fictive characters, ambiguity is woven through isolated incidents and observations. Monsters, Demons, Dragons, Professional Wrestlers, Portraits of Self, Animals in Nature, Dinosaurs on the brink of extinction, each have consistent presence.

The apocalypse is frequent consideration, the end hangs over most works regardless of the subject at hand. Conflict and embattlement are ongoing and unresolved, the fights are not violent per se, frozen in time at a potential end point, death blow pending.

Parallels are sought and drawn between seemingly opposing and contradictory bodies of work. 


Mark Connolly, (b. 1991, Northern Ireland), studied at LUCA School of Arts, Gent, 2013, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014, and The Royal Drawing School, London, 2017. He is the Founder and Director of curatorial platform, Paint Talk, co-founder of the art history podcast, Notes on a Painting, and co-founded the Waverton Art Prize in 2022.

Past exhibitions include: Out of the darkness, into the light, James Freeman, London, 2024, Visage, Blackbird Rook, 2024, Here Be Dragons, James Freeman, London, 2023, seconds from the end, Simchowitz, Los Angeles, 2023, an act of god, James Freeman, London, 2023, One Fell Swoop, Blackbird Rook, 2022, Chronicles 5, Galerie Droste, Berlin, 2022, Don’t Drink the Rain, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark, 2022, Cave Canem, Eve Leibe London, 2021, Limbo, Everyday Gallery Antwerp, 2020, and Show House JayJay Antwerp, 2020.