• Tiemke Gauderis (°1984, BE)

    from 24/02/2024 to 30/03/2024

By your trace

The work of Tiemke Gauderis arises from the conscious perception of the spatial environment around her. For her, this is a lasting fascination, because everything we see is always influenced by previous experiences.

She grinds collected pieces of reality in a series of actions and thinking steps. Subtly adding things or leaving things out, she cuts, distorts, doubles or turns everything around. The formats are adjusted so that the form and content resonate better.  Throughout her process of dedicated manual labor, she strives for an intense perception of time and space in the image, with real and imaginary spaces transforming into each other. Layers upon layers of charcoal evoke a sort of twilight world.

With a subtle play between recognition and alienation, day-to-dayness and abstraction and balancing between two and three dimensions, she tries to widen the spatiality for the viewer, both in the work itself and in its interpretation. She invites the viewer to look better, as a participation in her “work in progress”.