Nicoline van Stapele (°1964, NL)

“The artworks arise from my need to communicate, in recent years an interaction between word and image has emerged. Very recently, the image is regaining a little more dominance.
The work is very diverse, I use all materials at hand, new and recuperated materials. Combined with classical techniques, new techniques, and invented techniques. Everything that comes is useful to strengthen the concept. My work is conceptual, starting from language, mostly daily spoken language. There is a focus on social interaction and meaning of use of material.
My work evolves from drawings and object-images to paintings on wood or canvas with acrylic and/or oil paint. Over the years, the focus shifted from drawing to painting. The step to a larger size of linen was taken (120 x 80cm), and from there again the step to smaller size of linen, maroufled on canvas. And smaller formats on wood. Sometimes a series of paintings together with objects and drawings form an installation. The work develops more and more in this way. From language to image and back again. Balancing between two and three dimensions. As a whole or in parts.”